super kidIntroducing…SUPER Kids!

COMPASSion Counseling is happy to offer a new Resilience Builder Program for children ages 7-9 who want to work on important coping skills, such as flexibility, anger management, self-esteem, problem solving, and positive thinking. This 6-week program helps children develop their skills while receiving emotional support.  This approach to improving reslience in children is field tested and shown to be higly effective.  

The publishers note: 

Unlike many other programs that are based on theory and perhaps short-term trials, the Resilience Builder Program has been implemented since 1992 by numerous therapists in multiple offices and settings. Our clinical practice has led hundreds of competence groups for children in kindergarten through eighth grade and currently runs approximately 36 groups led by psychologists and social workers. A pilot study during 2005 and 2006 revealed a clinically significant decrease in anxious and depressive symptoms in youth, as well as decreases in withdrawal from others.

In collaboration with Dr. Brendan Rich of Catholic University of America, pilot studies begun in 2009 find that both parents and teachers reported improved social skills, children and teachers reported improved behavior, and parents reported improved emotional regulation.

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S.U.P.E.R. Kids!