Janet Hatmaker, M.Ed., LPC, NCC, was prompted to return to school as a nontraditional student, after her own journey through some difficult life experiences gave her a passion to help others walk through challenges. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at King University in 2014, and her Masters’ Degree in Counseling at Lincoln Memorial University in 2016.

Janet’s prior career experiences placed her in educational settings, having worked for 18 years as a school secretary, and for 3 years as a university student advisor. She has worked as a volunteer counselor for more than ten years, encouraging individuals, couples, and families, and is honored to have the opportunity to serve others through COMPASSion Counseling.

Counseling is the process wherein a counselor walks alongside a client as he/she identifies and describes a presenting problem, develops a plan and some goals to overcome the problem, and implements an action plan with concrete steps to apply to the situation.

It is my goal to help each client feel heard, accepted, valued, and respected, as every person has his/her own temperament, personality, personal views, and thought processes. People are all created to be individuals, plus they all have individual life experiences that cause them to think, feel, and behave individually and uniquely.

My overall philosophy is that each day is a new day filled with new hope. One of my catch phrases is “let’s keep things in perspective.” We can work together to develop plans and goals that can become new habits and days filled with new hope.

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